6 Dating Rules You must Forget


The enormous “date” chapter had its own rules since you went to school: “Do not talk to yourself“, “Do not call first“, “Do not call,” “Do not show that you like him” and many more “do not” up to your adult life and to which even more “must” have been added. Pop culture constantly confirms the rules of dating, always indicating what we should do and what not, while at the same time strengthening the belief of the fairy tale prince.

Most of us have to remember endless encounters with our friends where we passed our date test, analysing each move and ending up with rather less reliable conclusions. We almost “programmed” to believe that the date is a set of actions and rules that we must follow.

But it is 2019 and true now, why should we follow rules that are not in keeping with the times and the reality? These are 6 past date rules that is time to forget:

  • Do not kiss at the first appointment

We should stop pretending that physical attraction is not important in a relationship. Although the first appointment is usually an identifier, which “chemistry” may be obvious. Really, what does it matter if you love before you even make a date or after a month? Intimacy between two people varies depending on the situation and there are certainly no rules for that.


  • Men have to pay the bill

Paying men to the account is linked to the strength indicator. Men paid as women did not work, so they had financial control over the relationship (and in other areas). This rule has passed from generation to generation, creating great expectations and misunderstandings. But we are women working for equality, because why should we expect to pay the bill? One pays drinks, one “something” that will sting on the street and everything is fair for everyone.


  • The rule of 3 dates

Who will tell you what to do with your body and when? Everything is a matter of your own will and desire, and if by having sex at first or second date does not rank in the “woman for relationship” category, you probably should not go out with men who have such views.

  • Do not meet your friends or family until the relationship is “serious

Whilst it is perfectly understandable that you do not want to get in touch with the guy you just started going out on family tables, we do not have to be like if you end up having a drink with your friends. It is important to be honest with what you want and look for a relationship and a possible acquaintance with your friends should not be confusing to anyone – let alone when your friends are an integral part of your life.

  • Wait for the first move

We said above that you are a dynamic and independent woman. This means you do not have to wait over the phone, but you can send a message if that’s what you want to do. If he can not come out with a dynamic woman who knows what she wants and chases it, then you do not have to waste your time.

  • Play “difficult

There is a common belief that one who is less interested in a relationship has the greatest strength. But what does power have to do with love? In fact, it is beautiful to show that you care, though your great ones believe the opposite. So why not show what you want or what do you feel? Be true with your feelings and what you want. Because when you find a person who really cares and feels the same, you will not want to waste time.