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Bathroom drain smells: What should I do?

If the bathroom drain smells nasty it can be very annoying in your daily life.

Not only do you no longer feel comfortable in your own home, but you also find it difficult to invite guests due to this situation.

Is it time for a sewer blockage?

Let’s see where the bad smell in the bathroom is due and what you can do to stop it all.

You can solve the problem much easier than you think. Get rid of a smelly bathroom drain once and for all, with a few clever tricks.

Where does the bad smell in the bathroom come from?

The usual suspect when the bathroom smells is the sewer. We will all automatically think that the smells come from the sewer system, and this is most often the case.

However, there are other suspects that we should rule out before we start checking the drain in the bathroom.

First, we need to check if the smell really comes from a pipe, or is it for example the result of a combination of moisture, bacteria, and mold in some invisible part of our bathroom.

Another case is the smells coming through the bathroom ventilator from the outside environment.

Especially if you have the kitchen hood open and all the windows closed, the bathroom ventilator can draw in air, which carries odors to your bathroom.

Tip: Open a window when the hood is working, so that the air refresh comes from the window and not from the bathroom ventilator!

Not sure what exactly is going on? Talk to professionals Apofraxeis Anagnostou!

Why does the bathroom drain smell?

The reasons that the bathroom drain may smell are divided into very easily discernible and not so easily discernible.

Specifically, the bathroom drain can smell when:

  • The central pipe is clogged
  • The sink siphon is clogged
  • Some piping of the bathroom is clogged
  • The water trap in the sink or basin has evaporated
  • The water trap is not properly constructed from the beginning

If any of the above occurs, there is a chance that the drain of your bathroom will smell.

You can definitely take some steps to fix the problem, but if the issue turns out to be more complex, consult a plumber from Apofraxeis Anagnostou in Athens.

Solutions to prevent the smell of the bathroom drain

If you have actually found that the drain is responsible for the unpleasant odors in your bathroom, you can try some actions and see if the problem is solved.

Fight unpleasant odors in the bathroom:

  • Pouring soda into siphons and piping
  • Opening the siphons and cleaning them
  • Pouring vinegar or lemon and plenty of hot water
  • Adding water to the water trap if it has evaporated (e.g. in a holiday home you have time to visit)

Doing professional sewer cleaning regularly

If you do not have the time or appetite to diagnose why your bathroom drains smell, but you need an immediate solution, our experts are here to help.

Blockages and cleaning of bathroom pipes, in every part of Athens. Put an end to the stench in the house. The solution you are looking for is just a phone call away!

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Weather Resistant iPhone Cases For Your Vacation

One of the most requested devices for the iPhone is the weather condition proof case. The value of having an iPhone case that is weather proofed is exceptionally high, generally since the iPhone does not have extreme amounts of protection.

If you live in a city that gets decent quantity of rain, or if you merely wish to protect your iPhone from the outside world, than you will wish to purchase an iPhone weather-proofed case. But what are the very best cases for this kind of security?

If you have actually searched the market for weather resistant iPhone cases, than you have actually probably seen that much of them are large and, rather frankly, unattractive, while this might be true for lots of weather resistant iPhone cases, it isn’t the reality for all of them. There is one case that is spectacular, both in its look and also in its capability to protect your iPhone from the harshness of Mother Earth. This iPhone case is the OtterBox Defender Series, which is a clever and rugged case that will include a certain design to your iPhone. This case still allows you to have full interaction with every feature of your iPhone, including pictures, all while providing you true water-resistant technology.

It doesn’t matter what type of iPhone that you currently have, whether it be the 4GB design or the 8GB design, they will both suit this iPhone case. One of the coolest functions about this iPhone case is the reality that it allows you to have complete interaction with the iPhone screen, while still protecting it. This is made possible by a distinct membrane that has been patented due to its distinct capability to offer you such accurate interactivity, while still providing you weather resistant defense.

Really, you are getting three total layers of security within this case, which is much more than numerous other “weather resistant” cases. Another function that makes this iPhone case so distinct is the reality that it is completely covered in silicone, which has two terrific purposes.

The first purpose is to permit you to have a smooth grip on your iPhone, so you will be less most likely to drop it while strolling throughout your day. And the second reason the silicone is such a fantastic feature is due to the fact that it will protect your iPhone if you do accidently drop it.

When your iPhone is in this case, it should be noted though that the silence switch is not available to use. If you must silence your iPhone, it is recommended that you do so before you put it into the weather-proof case.

The importance of having an iPhone case that is weather condition proofed is extremely high, mainly because the iPhone does not have extreme amounts of security. If you have searched the marketplace for weather resistant iPhone cases, than you have actually most likely seen that many of them are large and, rather frankly, unsightly, while this may be true for lots of weather condition resistant iPhone cases, it isn’t the reality for all of them.

It doesn’t matter what type of iPhone that you presently have, whether it be the 4GB design or the 8GB model, they will both fit in this iPhone case. One of the coolest functions about this iPhone case is the truth that it enables you to have complete interaction with the iPhone screen, while still securing it.

Smart strategies for identifying and controlling fresh links

The growth of URLs can be unruly. This statement can be best proved if you observe enterprise level websites. Links pop up from all over, even if your content is great. And when many users are attacking one link, its value does not remain. Almost every site experiences these issues. You may not notice useful links while unknowingly be pointing at links that do not even exist.

Getting lost in the maze of a website and SEO is quite easy! Let us now discuss how you can handle your website puzzle in a smart and effective manner.

Quickly going after new links

Search engines do not let you get your hands on each and every link they know about. You have to make some effort and chase links that have not been reported.

  • Those who provide backlink data:

Backlink providers have a section that reports new and fresh links. These reports are very helpful as they leave a whole lot of new links on the plate for you to explore. Copy these links onto your spreadsheet and explore them.

  • Webmaster Tools

Some interesting link data can be found from these

  • Linkody

This is an interesting and unexplored tool that allows you to monitor links as well as find new links that Google Analytics has referred to.

  • Fresh Web Explorer

This search engine allows for searching keywords as well as mentions of your brand. Links found here are unique because they are usually not listed in the fresh links report.

A slower, yet advanced approach to chasing new links

  • Referral report of Google Analytics

A simple way of identifying fresh links is to look at your referral data. Just one click is all you need for gathering years of referrals. It involves a time consuming task of scraping links from emails but it is definitely worth the effort.

  • Error Reports

Analyze your 404 error reports and go to the “linking from” tab. Here you can find old links and retain their value.

Scrutinize your master list of links

Now that you have collected links from all over, there is a high possibility that many of these links are dead. It could be due to an obsolete website, a penalized website or it could even be because the tools you used have outdated indices! You now have to check each and every link on your spreadsheet to make sure it is a valuable one. Online tools are available to make this task a wee bit simpler for you.

Attach valuable metrics

Metrics attached to your huge list of links will inspire you to take action. Upload and store the links into your preferred link manager. It could be an online tool or a simple Excel sheet. Use a URL profiler to copy the metrics of your links onto your master sheet as well.

Seal the deal!

Imagine that your links are opportunities for better business. Be informed that small links are useless while relevant links are of utmost importance. Also, for modern day SEO, digital relationship building is a prime focus. Accordingly, you should optimize your link profile and control you links, or rather opportunities, to the benefit of your business.

Sort your links list in order of most favourable metrics and search for opportunities.

  • If you find links from high authority domains, track the source and begin a conversation with the author.
  • If links have incorrect information and if they are fresh links, the author will probably respond better to your suggestion email. Grab this opportunity to get the author to add information relevant to your field of business.
  • Identify links that are included in a conversation and involve yourself to add more to the content. You could end up making that link more valuable.
  • Do you observe a trend in content that attracts more links? Follow that path and add some fresh content of that kind.
  • If you spot any content that has been re-published, contact the webmaster and ask if he would like some original posts.
  • If you come across new sites, find out if the webmaster would want you as a columnist in his site.

These strategies are a great approach to having leverage over fresh links. It is advisable to complete this process every quarter if you want to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the online world.

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