Cycling in Greece and the “Bike Friendly” Label | Guest Bloggers

Greece, a colorful place, full of nature, culture and beauty, boasts a vast network of cycling routes in the mountains, islands, plains and coastlines, making cycling an exciting experience. However, it also has certified destinations, certified hotels, travel agencies, and cycling companies to serve cyclists.

The “Bike Friendly” label, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, offers a unique service experience to cycling friends. A network of certified destinations and businesses marked as “Bike Friendly” is available to visitors to discover the nature, culture, and architecture of Greece on the wheels of a bicycle!

NatTour and the Bike Friendly network

The “Bike Friendly” label is an initiative of the non-profit company NatTour, which aims to protect the environment, develop thematic forms of tourism, and suggest environmentally friendly means of transport such as bicycles. The development of the “Bike Friendly” label is in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN).

The members of the network bear the mark “Bike Friendly Hotel” (hotels), “Bike Friendly Destination” (municipality-destination), “Bike Friendly Partner” (cycling companies), and “Greek Bike Specialist” (tourist offices).

Bike Friendly Hotels in Greece

The network of “Bike Friendly Hotels” in Greece consists of a series of selected hotels, which stand out for their commitment to environmental protection, the high quality of their services, and their dedication to properly serve of the tourist-cyclist. All the hotels of the network meet a minimum number of criteria and make every effort to make the stay of the cyclist-tourist as comfortable as possible.

Mandatory Criteria:

Informing guests about the cycling opportunities in the hotel and the area (website, hard copy material, special stands etc.).

Maps depicting cycling routes, online or hard copy.

A safe parking lot and storage place for bicycles.

Bicycle tools kit.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning services for same-day delivery.

Providing – renting – repairing bicycles customer services.



Collaboration with a company that organizes cycling tours.

Bicycle park place with bicycle parking rack.

Electric bicycle charging station.

Minivan rental services for bicycle transport.

Ability to provide lunch box with fruit, toast, energy drinks, etc.

Ability to provide healthy breakfast with organic-bio products.

Gym facilities.

Providing at least one wellness service from: Sauna, Hamam, Jacuzzi, Massage, Thalassotherapy pool.

Green Key Label.

ISO14000 certification.


Bike Friendly destinations in Greece

The network of “Bike Friendly Destinations” in Greece consists of a series of selected Municipalities, which stand out for their commitment to environmental protection, their efforts for sustainable tourism development, and their commitment to serve the tourist-cyclist. The member municipalities of the network meet a minimum number of criteria and make every effort to make the cyclist-tourist’s stay as comfortable as possible. At the same time, they create a “cycling identity” at the destination, and make it easier for both the tourist and the citizens to use the bicycle either during their holidays or in their everyday life.

 Bike Hotels


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The Island of the winds through my eyes | Guest Bloggers


I caught my first glimpse of Mykonos when I was 7 years old, as my godfather was working at the airforce unit in the settlement of Ano Mera. Summer memories flood my mind…Daily swim in the clear blue waters of Merchia beach, Sunday visit at the Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Tourliani, daily play in the square of Ano Mera with local children, family food in the traditional tavern of Mathios in Tourlos and endless walks in the stone-built alleys of the island…

After years, as an adult, I now had the opportunity to get to know the island from a different perspective …. Let’s start with my one-week accommodation at Atlantis Beach Residence at Super Paradise beach. Spacious and modern rooms, high sense of aesthetics, enjoyable time by the pool, and a picturesque view.

There is no better way to start the day with that view and then by eating a delicious and rich breakfast at Liberty Breakfast Room. Unique view, breakfast with traditional products, impeccable service, pleasant environment. Ι strongly recommend omelet with Naxos gruyere and also morning egg burger.

21 The Island of the winds through my eyes

And after a hearty breakfast, the adventure on the island begins with an all-day sailing cruise in Delos and Rhenia island with Mykonos Sea Excursions and their sailing boat Nadia K. I have been picked up from my hotel by complimentary shuttle transportation, in order to reach the embarkation point at Tourlos bay.

I felt comfortable and relaxed from the first moment. I was warmly welcomed by the captain and the staff, I took a seat at the front with a glass of wine, closed my eyes, surrendered to the sense of sun and wind, the anchors were lifted and we started sailing away for magical places…

3 The Island of the winds through my eyes

First 1 hour stop to the Unesco World Heritage site of Delos. We disembarked by a tender to the small dock and we took an interesting tour at the archaeological site. Called the place of the immortals, I would characterize Delos as the center of civilization for the Aegean region.

After this quick stop, we set sail for Rhenia island, which is also called ‘’Big Dhelos’’ by the locals. We swam to crystal blue waters using snorkeling gear, which was available free for us onboard. The captain and the staff helped us to go ashore. It was 2 pm and we were served on board with a Mediterranean buffet, accompanied by a range of wines, beers, and soft drinks.

4 The Island of the winds through my eyes

After this enjoyable sailing to Rhenia island, we started our trip back to Tourlos bay, where the complimentary shuttle service was waiting to drive us back to the hotel.

We had a great time, an unforgettable experience, and a full day to discover the beauty of Greek landscapes and local history. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend this tour experience and I will definitely choose again to sail with Mykonos Sea Excursions next year.

51 The Island of the winds through my eyes

Of course no article about Mykonos is complete without a reference in its exquisite gastronomic offers.  From cocktail nights to dining experiences, this island satisfies even the most demanding ones. For amazing views, spiritual sunsets, and a range of tasteful cocktails try 180 Degrees Sunset Bar. For a serene environment, polite staff and top service, tasteful plates, and reasonable prices Nikos Gallop Restaurant at Platis Gialos is your place. Tip: Don’t miss to taste Shrimp Moussaka!

I hope that my article will attract your interest and will also transmit you the pulse of the most cosmopolitan island of the Aegean.

Tzourouni Xanthi

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A Trip to Mount Olympus | Buzz

There are moments in life where you are left in a state of awe! One of those moments was caught by a friend of ours, Dimitri Pantazopoulos on his recent trip on Mount Olympus. Take a few minutes and enjoy his video on the mountain of the Gods.


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6 Fascinating And Accessible Caves In Greece | Guest Bloggers

Greece is a paradise for the intrepid explorer with crystal blue waters lapping at the golden sands of sun-drenched islands. With an incredibly diverse landscape, the Greek countryside contains villas, olive groves as well as a few surprises. Incredible caves are dotted across the Greek landscape – and they’re surprisingly accessible.

1) Zakynthos Blue Caves

The mesmerising geological wonder of the blue caves of Zakynthos can be discovered along the coast of the island that goes by the same name. Water-washed over thousands of years, nature has slowly sculpted these shapes which can be enjoyed from the comfort of the boat or, if you fancy a closer look, by diving into the azure waters that surround the island. 

2) Melissani Cave

This incredible cave is found on the island of Kefalonia and contains a beautiful blue lagoon, so you can row a boat under the towering cave walls for a closer look. The giant cave stretches for 3.5km and shimmering blue and green colours are thrown from the water to the cave’s walls. Melissani cave is an easy day trip and can be enjoyed from the gentle rocking of a rowing boat.

3) Kastelorizo Blue Cave

These wonderful caves are discovered on the island of Kastelorizo, found on the eastern stretches of Greek territory, and in fact just off the Turkish coast. Two cultures meet on this fascinating and tiny island, but these beautiful caves are the biggest draw for visiting tourists.

4) Cave of Ideon Andron

As the legendary birthplace of Zeus, the god-king in Greek mythology, these caves are a must see for any lover of the natural language or Greek history and culture. Found high on a Cretan mountain (but accessed by a well-marked trail) these caves are an ancient pilgrimage site and many archaeological wonders have been uncovered in the region.

5) Diros Caves

The Diros caves were home to cavemen in the Neolithic period and are now an incredible sight for the 21st century tourist to behold. Steeped in history, these caves offer a glimpse into the past and hold great cultural value as well as being a natural wonder. The complex cave system is littered with mirror pools and magnificent stalactites.

6) Alistrati Cave

One of the most magnificent caves in all of Greece, the Alistrati Cave is home to a host of stalactites and other natural wonders. The vast cave system has been revealed to cover over 25,000m2 providing a vast playground to be explored. This is one of the greatest attractions in Northern Greece and guided tours through the complex maze is an essential experience.

Exploring the Greek landscape will create memories for a lifetime and these hidden caves are especially fascinating. Greece has an ancient tradition of food, culture and politics and its geology stretches back even further, creating these incredible caves just waiting to be discovered. Take a Greek trip to explore the sun, the sand and the food, and find a few hidden treasures along the way.

Katherine Rundell

Paper Fellows



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5 Greek Destinations That Will Inspire Writers | Guest Bloggers

Incredible sights, exotic destinations, passionate people, and turquoise waters can be a great source of inspiration for artists. This is what drives writers to Greek Islands. It’s enough to say that many western writers such as Lawrence Durrell, and Henry Miller, to name a few, went to Greece in their pursuit of literary inspiration.

If you are looking for a place that will help you connect with your inner muse, stop with the search. The following places in Greece have everything you need to get your creativity flowing.

 1. Atsitsa Bay, Skyros Island

The tranquility, the sea, and the mountains. Could you ask for more? Atsitsa Bay is the perfect place for you to gather your thoughts, relax, and surrender yourself to creativity. In addition, you can find like-minded creatives in this place as it is where The Writer’s Lab in Skyros takes place. Besides offering writers courses in this dreamy environment, The Writer’s Lab invites prestigious writers (Booker and Pulitzer Prize winners) to teach creative writing.

2. Ikaria

Breathtaking views and wild and mountainous beauty is what makes Ikaria divine. The island has a unique architecture that will remind you of ancient Greece. The residents of Ikaria live a profoundly long life so you might want to get a taste of that laid back lifestyle. Go ahead and find out for yourself what makes Ikaria so extraordinary.

4. Milos

The picturesque island of Milos can be ideal for the book setting. A small and colorful fishing village ideal is characterized by white sand and dozens of secluded beaches. You don’t have to worry about running into tourists here as it isn’t a popular tourist destination. Staying on the island of Milos can transfer you to a different universe with its classical Greek island beauty and traditional lifestyle.

4. Gavdos

Gavdos offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The intact nature and crystal clear water can be your perfect getaway. There aren’t many tourist accommodations so your stay at Gavdos can be more adventurous if you have a tent and sleep under the stars. Gavdos has only about 50 permanent inhabitants, most of them being free-minded artists who found their seclusion on this island.

5. Patmos

If you want to experience a true Greek lifestyle, head to Patmos. Narrow streets, charming beaches, strong coffee, family stores, and vineyards – that’s what you’ll find in Patmos. Walk around the streets of Patmos, talk to locals, try Greek cuisine, and let yourself immerse in the tastes and sights of this Mediterranean gem.

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most unique and beautiful countries in the world, Greece can truly bring out the best in you and inspire exceptional writing. No matter what type of places you prefer, there is something for everyone in the Greek Islands. All that is left for you to do is to book a ticket and go find your source of inspiration in this charming country.


Kristin Savage




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What I love about September in the Dodecanese… | Guest Bloggers

The summer high season is drawing to a close in the Dodecanese, the white sea daffodils blooming in the sand, and I’m excited because one of the best times is about to begin.

The crowds are going home, leaving the beaches empty. The hills are calling out to be climbed once the baking heat has subsided, and you don’t have to carry so much water. There will be reduced prices available for accommodation, and taverna owners will have time to sit and talk.

The weather stays mellow in September and October, and the sea will be warm for swimming until December. But even throughout the winter there will be perfect days of warm sunshine. There will also be days when the rain falls in a deluge, flooding the villages and the stream beds, and bringing out the flowers and green shoots of winter, and the spicy aromas of grasses and herbs.

To celebrate the publication of my new book, Wild Abandon: A Journey to the Deserted Places of the Dodecanese, I’m delighted to share seven top tips of places to visit on an autumn, winter or spring holiday. All these islands can be reached easily via connecting flights from Athens or a combination of flights and ferries, and tickets are cheaper and airports quieter when travelling outside the summer season.

Halfway from Archipoli to Archangelos What I love about September in the Dodecanese…


The unspoiled little island where I live is a conservation area for wildlife, a haven of calm, and the beaches of Ayios Sergios, Tholos and Stavros can be reached in an hour or so of walking up the mountain from the port of Livadia and down the rugged and wild other side. Another spectacular route is to the abandoned summer settlement of Gera, overlooked by the steep face of Koutsoumbas (almost 500m high), and a return via the abandoned farms of Pano Meri.


The island of Nisyros was formed by the eruptions of a volcano, and it’s mind-blowing to walk down into the crater in the centre of the caldera for the first time and watch the steam emerging. The villages of Emborio and Nikia that sit on the rim of the volcano have celebrations in September and November. Visitors who only do a day trip miss the opportunity to sit and watch the sun set into the sea from Mandraki while the waves crash up on the sea wall.


The coast from Tigaki to Mastihari is a vast stretch of white sand beach, and once the hotels remove the sunbeds, you’ll have it to yourself. Behind the dunes is a shallow lake with the remains of the salt works that remained in use until the 1980s, and is now frequented by flamingos. In the distance is the forest-covered Dikeos Mountain; for walkers, a very special experience is to ramble the gentle route through the villages from Pyli to the pretty abandoned village of Haihoutes.

Detail from Mussolini villa at Eleousa in Rhodes What I love about September in the Dodecanese…


The busy town of Pothia with its elegant mansions comes as a surprise on a relatively small island, but Kalymnos had a successful trade in sponges until a hundred years ago, with some 300 boats travelling around the Mediterranean. The Neoclassical Museum is a treasure trove of quirky objects telling the connection between Kalymnos and St. Petersburg. Vlyhadia Bay is a delightful spot for a swim, though if you’re looking for adventure there are dramatic craggy cliffs in the north that make rock climbers salivate, and the challenging 100-km Kalymnos Trail.


Several excellent tavernas stay open year-round in the village around the Venetian castle, with its architecture that’s half Dodecanese and half Cyclades. By renting a jeep you can explore the further reaches of the ‘wings’ of the butterfly-shaped island, which narrows to a mere 100m in the middle; the rural outpost of Vathy with its natural harbour has been almost deserted since the 1970s, and you can stop at Maltezana at the excellent kafeneio to eat local cheese. The monastery of Panayia Flevariotissa celebrates on 2 February.


In the summer the stunning village of Olympos, built into the side of a sheer mountain looking out to sea, is bustling with day-trippers and shops, but from September reverts to being one of the most traditional places in Greece. The older ladies wear traditional village dress and the men play music on lyra and tsambouna while singing in mantinades, improvised rhyming couplets. After a big rainstorm, waterfalls and rivers flow, there are salamanders and myrtle berries, while clear sharp winter days are perfect for making the most of the network of trails to hauntingly beautiful areas of this remote and windswept landscape.

Detail from Italian built hotel at Eleosa in Rhodes What I love about September in the Dodecanese…


It’s always a treat to visit Rhodes town in winter, when the snow-capped mountains of Turkey can be seen across the water on a clear day, and the Old Town is peaceful for exploring its layers of history. But there is also a different world in the centre of the island, where villages such as Psinthos and Kritinia sit high on pine-covered slopes above the most productive farmland in the region. Embona is a wine-making village on the flanks of Attavyros, the highest peak of the Dodecanese, while Eleousa has an incredibly spooky collection of abandoned buildings dating from the Italian occupation of the twentieth century, including the villa built for Mussolini’s retirement and an old hospital for tuberculosis patients.

Not forgetting…

Just a quick hop from Rhodes are the islands of Symi and Halki, with their stunningly picturesque Venetian-style houses a jumble of colour around the harbours. Both have so much to explore in their high, hidden hinterlands, though: stone shepherds’ huts, the remains of ancient settlements and wine presses. Those are on the list of places I want to travel this winter (a very long list, including some new islands!) with my trusty canine companion, Lisa, and I’ll be hoping to write about them on my blog.

Jennifer Barclay

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Top 6 evening activities to do in Santorini

Top 6 evening activities to do in Santorini

If you are planning your vacation in Santorini –Santorini private tour-and you are wondering where to go and what to do, you need to listen to us! We are going to present you the top 6 evening activities to do in Santorini so that you will not get bored and you will see as many things as possible during your stay.

Santorini is not a very big island but it is easy to get lost and waste your time to things and activities that are not worth it. In order to have fun and not spend your time and money in worthless things, keep reading to find out more about the different adventures in Santorini. Of course, we are going to cover every taste, even the most demanding ones who want to relax during their vacation.

Santorini day tours

The most amazing experience that you will ever have, is a day tour in Santorini. What could be better than seeing the whole island in only a day? It would save you time and energy to explore more hidden and infamous places during the rest of your vacation. It will last you about 8 hours and you are going to visit Oia, Fira, Profiti Ilia, Akrotiri, Red beach and many more places.

It will be an unforgettable experience with our guides who will show you every beautiful part of the island while you will not have anything to worry about.

Dinner with a view

Are you traveling to Santorini with your significant other? Of course you are! It is the most romantic island in Greece and you are going to remember this for the rest of your lives. Many couples are coming to Santorini for their honeymoons too as the climate and the long beaches are exactly what they need to relax and kick start their lives together!


There are many restaurants and hotels that offer you a great variety of dinner courses and a large wine list so that you can enjoy some luxury in your vacation. They also offer you the most amazing view of Santorini’s mesmerizing sunset while you are tasting the delicious dishes made by the famous chefs of the island.

This will be an unforgettable experience, as you will be able to enjoy your food while chatting with your love and watching the beautiful orange sun getting lost in the endless blue of the sea. You might have to pay a small fortune for that, but it is totally worth it.

Horseback riding at the beach

This is the most tiring yet beautiful experience in Santorini. You can find it at Eros beach and you are not going to regret it we promise you. Pick your horses and go for a swim with them at the beautiful Eros beach. You could also explore nature and the many paths around the beach.

When you are done with the horse riding, take a dive in the mesmerizing waters of the beach and enjoy a cold cocktail with your significant other while watching the sun go down. Do not forget to bring your camera as it is the perfect chance to take pictures in a professionally amazing background with the greatest props; horses.

Sunset lovers

You could arrange a private sunset tour so that you will be able to enjoy the most popular sunset in the whole world. Let’s be honest, this is the reason why many people from all over the world are visiting Greece.

Historical private tour

For the geeks and the historians that love to learn about the history of a region when they visit it, we are suggesting the historical private tour. You are going to enjoy the sights and museums of the island while you are not going to have any distractions. Our tour guides are 100% informed and passionate about what they do, that it will be hard to get off this tour afterwards.

You will be guided by an archaeologist who loves to tell the story of Santorini. He will speak to you in English and he will guide you through the island for 5 hours. The tour can start in the afternoon. We re going to pick you up and the transportation will be with a private mini van.

The highlights of the historical private tour are the visit to ancient Thera, the archaeological site of Akrotiri, the prehistoric and the Archaeological Museums of Fira. We promise that this tour will satisfy each and every one who loves to explore the ancient world of Greece.

Cultural nights

The last but still important choice that we offer you from the top 6 activities to do in Santorini, is the cultural nights. This is for all those people who love to spend some quality time during their vacation. And we could not be more excited to talk to you about the options you have as far as the cultural evenings are concerned!

You can choose to go for a movie in an open air theater which offers you the option to order food and drinks in there. The open air cinema combined with the summer breeze and the comfortable seats will stay in your mind for a long time, that you will crave a cinema like this in your home town.

Another option for cultural nights includes music and theater. The municipality of Santorini will often host events such as concerts or theater nights for locals and tourists and the entrance fees are either very cheap or non existent! You will need to grab this chance if you manage to run into a cultural night.

During the theater nights, you will have the chance to meet the Greek culture and enjoy the ancient Greek drama! You will enjoy your romantic vacation in Santorini even more when the both of you are satisfied!

Read more about Santorini Tours:

Top Things to Do while you’re in Coronantine! | Buzz

Are you in a pickle as to what to do while you are in “Coronantine”? Are you melting into blobs in front of a glowing screen? Are you climbing the walls not knowing when all this will end? How can we help? Well, we thought of simply keeping you busy and turning you into a Greek; just kidding! As all travel plans are on hold for the time being, we’d like to suggest a couple of things that will make your time run smoothly.

We’d like to take you on a virtual trip around Greece, all the while you can learn some Greek recipes, entertain yourself with films shot in Greece, explore every nook and cranny of mountain tops, delve into Greek culture and who knows dear friends; when you’re all done with our “home activities”, things might just have returned to normal and Greece will be glad welcome you all back again.

Take advantage of your free time and try out our homemade fasolada. This recipe is very popular and is considered to be the national food of the Greeks! If you love beans you’ll love the bold Greek flavours in this vegan bean soup with garlic, onions, celery, tomato and a drizzle of good Greek extra virgin olive oil.

If you are a dedicated cinephile, you probably already know that there are numerous Greece – inspired films, which have made the country’s beauties known worldwide. If not then break new ground and since time is on your side enjoy one today. To make the experience even better you should have something to nibble on. Make your own Tzatziki, bake your own potato crisps and accompany them with this finger-licking dip. Are you all set? Here’s a short film list we promised, the choice is yours!

We’ve also got you covered if you have been sitting around moping and wishing you were out taking some fresh air. How about exploring Mt Olympus’ summits? Don’t forget that mountaineering on Olympus is a divine experience as you will have set foot on the abode of the Gods! Take a look here.

shutterstock 336141413  Top Things to Do while youre in Coronantine!

As you have immersed yourself in all-things-Greek, how about taking a look at its long lasting culture? We’ve got a wonderful Culture playlist in our Youtube channel you can enjoy.

acropolis museum 560 Top Things to Do while youre in Coronantine!

Last but not least, there are numerous museums you can explore from your home, such as:
A virtual tour around the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens.

A 360 tour of The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas in Volos, Thessaly.

A 360⁰ tour of The Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production on Lesvos Island.

A 360⁰ tour of The Museum the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta, Peloponnese.

A 360⁰ tour of The Museum of Marble Crafts in Pirgos, Tinos Island.

A 360⁰ tour of The Open-Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana, Peloponnese.

A 360⁰ tour of The Environment Museum of Stymphalia, in the Peloponnese.

A 360⁰ tour of The Silk Museum in Soufli.

If you’d like to see inspiring posts, tweets, or boards of Greece follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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How Will Covid-19 Affect The Future Of Travel? | Guest Bloggers

The travel and leisure industry has been one of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. With countries on lockdown, hotels, restaurants and bars all closed, and people confined to their homes, travelling for pleasure is no longer an option. But of course, it won’t always be this way. One day people will be able to travel freely again, and life will begin to return to normal (with holidays playing a huge part in that).

But while people will travel again, it’s unlikely that things will go back to the way they were. In fact, you can be pretty certain that the future of travel looks very different. Below we’ll look at six ways in which Covid-19 has changed the travel and leisure industries and what this means for us all in years to come.

There will be less international travel

We may still be in lockdown, but people are already beginning to plan their next staycation. Given how quickly the virus was able to spread from country to country through travel, many will be reluctant to make these journeys for a while. It will feel much safer travelling closer to home not only to reduce the risk of getting ill but also being close to home should something like this ever happen again.

And while Covid-19 has caused havoc across the world, it has also brought people closer together and encouraged them to help each other out more. Part of this includes putting money back into local businesses and this has seen many keen travellers pledging to spend time more holidaying in their home country before deciding to travel abroad. As a result, it’s likely that the number of those travelling internationally will see a drop, at least in the first year or so of recovery.

Queues at immigration will be bigger

Some countries have already begun putting new measures in place at airports because as soon as they have got a hold of this virus they don’t want outside threats bringing the disease back into their recovering nation. But the likelihood is that this will be something we see for years to come, with many airports strengthening their immigration systems. In fact, it’s likely that new rules will require people to prove which countries they’ve been to recently, with those that were hit hardest by Covid-19 raising the biggest flags (for example, being wary of those who have travelled from China or Italy).

And for the foreseeable future, there will continue to be testing at airports. These are usually done by taking the temperature of those who are travelling. Not only this, but in future there could even be more advanced testing to help identify anyone with symptoms of this virus or similar illnesses. These could cause longer queues at immigration and throughout airports in general.

You might need more than a passport

Showing your passport at the airport may no longer be enough to guarantee you entry to a country. Many nations will require travellers to have what has become known as an immunity passport. This is essentially a certificate that says you have had and recovered from the virus or that you have been vaccinated against it. The need to provide these documents might not last forever, but for the foreseeable future these certificates could be an important part of travelling between countries.

Luggage shipping services will be a lifesaver

The less time you can spend at the airport and the less people you have to interact with during that time, the safer you will be when travelling. Using a luggage shipping service can reduce the need for you to hang about checking-in, dealing with other people’s luggage and waiting around at departures to collect your bags when you get off the plane.
Instead, luggage shipping services will allow more people to get through the airport quicker (and easier) with the knowledge that their luggage will arrive at their chosen destination. These services are usually door-to-door and you can choose the collection and drop off times, as such, it’s likely the use of luggage services will increase in the near future.

Travel insurance policies will become even more crucial to travellers

We’ve all done it at one time or another, booked a holiday, sorted our flights, hotels, transfers and even activities, completely bypassing the bit where you tick the box to buy travel insurance. For the most part, if you don’t have any underlying health conditions to worry about, most of us just assume we will be fine for the duration of the week or two-week holiday.

But with Covid-19 causing so many people to have their holidays cancelled, flights rearranged, or trips cut short, many will now be aware of the benefits of having (or the stress of not having) travel insurance. Many policies allow you to cancel your trip should you fall ill and will also refund you for trips that are cancelled outside of your control. So it pays to be insured and this is a trend we will see rising over the coming years.

Flying won’t always be the travel of choice

Flying has been a hugely popular form of travel in recent decades because let’s face it, there are some places you just can’t reach without a plane (at least not without it taking you months to get there). But with airports being so busy and planes being such a confined space, it’s likely that travellers will look for different ways to cross borders or go on holiday.

For example, trains don’t require border control or huge queues, they are more spacious, and they have windows/better airflow. As such, it’s likely that people will choose these more comfortable and less crowded forms of travel in the earlier stages of recovering from Covid-19. It might also be favourable to drive where possible. Travelling around places like Europe or the US is entirely possible by car or train, so it’s likely that aeroplanes will no longer be king.

Stuart Cooke |

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Healing Solution for Tourism Challenge | Guest Bloggers

This challenge is a global call to reach the most disruptive startups, entrepreneurs and drive solutions to mitigate Covid-19 impacts on tourism through health, economic and destination management solutions. A step forward for Sustainable Development in a crisis situation.

Participants should meet the following criteria:
• Being innovative in nature and provide value-added solutions
• To have a tested pilot and business plan
• To have been accelerated before
• To have potential to be applied in many countries

There are three categories:
1. Healing for People: Solutions focused on safety measures, sanitizing methods, early detection, among others for tourism and travel-related stakeholders
2. Healing for Prosperity: Solutions focused on digital applications for tourism, sharing economy, circular economy, revenue management and more
3. Healing for Destinations: Solutions focused on recovery techniques for destinations: crisis communication, crisis management, mobility, tourism destinations re-branding, travel confidence recovery, among other related areas.

The most viable and ready-to-implement solutions will reach the world governments with the UNWTO Secretary-General and will be connected to the UNWTO Innovation Network.
The Deadline is on April 15, 2020. You can learn more and apply here.


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