If the bathroom drain smells nasty it can be very annoying in your daily life.

Not only do you no longer feel comfortable in your own home, but you also find it difficult to invite guests due to this situation.

Is it time for a sewer blockage?

Let’s see where the bad smell in the bathroom is due and what you can do to stop it all.

You can solve the problem much easier than you think. Get rid of a smelly bathroom drain once and for all, with a few clever tricks.

Where does the bad smell in the bathroom come from?

The usual suspect when the bathroom smells is the sewer. We will all automatically think that the smells come from the sewer system, and this is most often the case.

However, there are other suspects that we should rule out before we start checking the drain in the bathroom.

First, we need to check if the smell really comes from a pipe, or is it for example the result of a combination of moisture, bacteria, and mold in some invisible part of our bathroom.

Another case is the smells coming through the bathroom ventilator from the outside environment.

Especially if you have the kitchen hood open and all the windows closed, the bathroom ventilator can draw in air, which carries odors to your bathroom.

Tip: Open a window when the hood is working, so that the air refresh comes from the window and not from the bathroom ventilator!

Not sure what exactly is going on? Talk to professionals Apofraxeis Anagnostou!

Why does the bathroom drain smell?

The reasons that the bathroom drain may smell are divided into very easily discernible and not so easily discernible.

Specifically, the bathroom drain can smell when:

  • The central pipe is clogged
  • The sink siphon is clogged
  • Some piping of the bathroom is clogged
  • The water trap in the sink or basin has evaporated
  • The water trap is not properly constructed from the beginning

If any of the above occurs, there is a chance that the drain of your bathroom will smell.

You can definitely take some steps to fix the problem, but if the issue turns out to be more complex, consult a plumber from Apofraxeis Anagnostou in Athens.

Solutions to prevent the smell of the bathroom drain

If you have actually found that the drain is responsible for the unpleasant odors in your bathroom, you can try some actions and see if the problem is solved.

Fight unpleasant odors in the bathroom:

  • Pouring soda into siphons and piping
  • Opening the siphons and cleaning them
  • Pouring vinegar or lemon and plenty of hot water
  • Adding water to the water trap if it has evaporated (e.g. in a holiday home you have time to visit)

Doing professional sewer cleaning regularly

If you do not have the time or appetite to diagnose why your bathroom drains smell, but you need an immediate solution, our experts are here to help.

Blockages and cleaning of bathroom pipes, in every part of Athens. Put an end to the stench in the house. The solution you are looking for is just a phone call away!

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